Friday, 17 July 2009

Tag Lapuk daa..

Assignment ni sbnrnya dah lama dpt cuma asyik bertangguh jer nk buat. Kali ni dah boley hntr, puan BEAUTIFUL LIFE yg kasik assignment ni. Oleh krn dia dah aktif semula, sy submit la tag ni..he3. Sy hrp beliau dpt mark assignmnt ni.


Facts & Quirks
1. List these rules on your blog. 2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog. 3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours. 4. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. 5. Link the person who tagged you. 6. Leave a comment for each blogger.


1. I'm a romantic wife to mr ZH & a mom of 3 kids;
2. Currently staying in Durham, UK
3. On unpaid leave for being a dependant of mr. hubby to UK;

4. At the moment, I am a fully home-maker, being so busy nurturing my 3 kids;
5. Enjoy cooking new dishes as well as tidying up my house;

6. Easy to cry..fragile..and sensitive. What about sulking..?? Hik3..ahaa..nope!
7. Love to smile and breaking the ice..


1. Used to sniff anything even a piece of paper, I myself do not know why I am like that, but I gradually reduce the habit, now my doter starts being like me, gosh!;

2. Like to break the ice when I am surrounded by people but the real fact is that I am a kind of reserved woman;

3. Love being tidy & neat all the time, but unfortunately there is a time when I am infected by a lazy virus, I can leave all the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink unwashed, muahaha [at last, only me who wash them up..];

4. Always make sure to bath the kids soon after they wake up..unlike their mom who always late at it..I do admit, coz I need to cook, usually I like to clean myself after cooking just before eating the meal;

If I feel that something is not as good as it should be, especially with my Other Half, I choose to sulk in a 'silent mode' style..and he will leave me to cool off, then talk to me..finally I'll be ok..kih3, how come I am so childish huh! ;

6. Hate to watch frightening/ghost movies or even worse to listen to the ghostly sound that shows on tv advert..but used to love watching the scary & haunted stories while I was in secondary school. I was very brave at that weird kan?

Tag 7 persons
mama3H, unguviolet, iu @ wid, halfblood prince, fa10, benjamincafe, my heart

Person who tagged me
beautiful life

Comment for each blogger
1. My Uni mate IIUM batch 2002, a rich mum, having 3 lil cute kids & the owner of Arena Bestari tuition centre & Arena boutique.

2. Blog mate who is currently pursuing her Master in TESL in Wales.

3. My blog mate as well, temporarily staying in Jemen with her hubby & kids. A good cook too! And like to cuci poket je lately..what a kaya mrs too! Kikiki..

4. My blog mate as well, I had a jejak kasih with her while I was in Malaysia few weeks ago.

5. Knowing her thru blog hopping..currently staying in Edinburgh accompanying her hubby completing his phd.

6. Known as 'along' but not the scary 'ah long' eh..a successful & affluent lawyer in Dubai. He & family will be celebrating Aidil Fitri with us.

7. A very new blog mate. Got to know her more. Kinda happy mate & love to tell story..a gud story teller.


iu @ wid said...

kak.. kite da wat tag ni dlu... kire leh larikk yek..hihiihi

hnyhar said... ke..kan ke sunat buat byk kali..heheh

MaMa3H said...

ok...nanti saya buat yer....:)

HalfBlood Princess said...

Thanks kak, tp izu dh pnh buat tag ni..hihi...

Ala bestnyer tgk gmbr berry picking tuuu..dlu masa kt sana xsmpt! masuk je summer, blk Msia! so summer di Msia je tade berry picking!huhu....:D

UnGu VioLet said...

tuela kak.. mar rasa mar pun dah penah buatla tag nie.. hik2.. lariiiiik..

afiquehidayat said...

takde ape nk ckp,cume internet jarang dapat keluangan masa utk di pakai..
semoga sehat dan dlm rahmat allah..
(saya da abis surah ra'du...surah yusuf sgt sedapppp)

hnyhar said...

takpe, take ur time. bknnya 1 kewajipan.

hoh, ngelat eh..nak berry picking da xleh daa..awk dah kat msia. so apa lg, buat fruit picking yg len manggis, rambutan, durian & bla3..

ni srg lg ngelat BIG deal!

TAHNIAH dah hafaz surah ra'du.bagusnya afiq..gud luck!sy doakan afiq dpt jd hafiz yg berjaya di dunia & akhirat.istiqamah selalu k?

MY HEART said...

Salam kak,

My Heart tu saya kah?? *Sesambil kelip2 biji mata tak percaya heheheheh*

Wah.. ngeri! Kena jawab dalam bahse omputih gak ke kak??

hnyhar said...

salam my heart,
awaklah tu..sebagai tanda perkenalan kita.

xkisah bahasa apapun..jnji jwb..he3