Friday, 1 August 2008

Whose House Is It Anyway??

This entry is dedicated to my lovely elder sist. Verily,I am not intended to display my sweet decos in this blog. But, this is a request from Malaysia. So, kak, these are few of my little collections. They're cute, unique & even adorable..I manage to get them all with reasonable prices. I'll make sure to get them for you as well. Actually, there are some more houses which look alike small teapots but I keep them in box coz they're so fragile.
Bende ni kami dapat dengan harga yang murah jer. Memang dah bajet pun harga yg boleh dibeli MESTIlah di bawah paras GBP1. Lebih drpd tu, tak akan dibeli.

Jangan terpedaya..imej ini diambil secara zoom jadi, nampak cam besar jer rumah ni. Hakikatnya, ia sungguh cinonet.

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