Sunday, 20 July 2008

3rd Trimester

My baby is now 37cm long and weighs around 2lb. As I enter my third (and final!) trimester, my baby will start to receive immunity to infection from the antibodies that cross through the placenta. This immunity will be boosted by breastfeeding and lasts until my baby is a few months old.
There are many tried and tested methods of relieving heartburn during pregnancy, so we could try a few of these:
• Eat evening meal early, and don’t eat anything in the couple of hours before we go to bed
• Take a glass of milk to bed with you
• Sleep upright or propped-up – use a couple of pillows to support your back and neck
• Get plenty of medical advice – and don’t take any indigestion remedies before checking with your midwife first
And, REMEMBER..from next week (week 28) I'll need a doctor's note before travelling by plane or ferry. (If I'm thinking of jetting off anywhere before my little baby arrives).


4z dan Ina said...

sempat lagi kalu nak naik kapal terbang tu, kak nani.. kalu dah 32weeks tak boley dah.. cepat-cepat booking tiket. nak ke mana lah plak tu? Nanti dah ada 'handbag' baru susah wooo nak 3 bulan baru senang sket nak travel.

hnyhar said...

hmm..xtahu lagi nak ke mana..mungkin pegi yg dekat2 je kot (mcm nak gi york je). ameen cuti sekolah dah khamis ni..kang nanti ibu dia xlarat lak kalo xpegi skrg kan..'handbag'?kih3..mmg pon kalo ada si kecik tu plus plak yg tgh membesar 2 org..huuh..sengsara juga nak travel..