Monday, 17 November 2008

Vitamin K

Phytomenadione @ Vitamin K

We need vitamin K to make our blood clot properly so that we won't bleed too easily. Some newborn babies have too little vitamin K. Although this is rare, it can cause them to bleed dangerously into the brain. To prevent this I was offered vitamin K which will be given to Izzah.

I was given 3 ampoules of 2mg in 0.2ml of vit. K when I took Izzah home from the hospital (UHND). The 1st one was given at Izzah's birth by the midwife..and again at 2 weeks the 2nd dose was successfully given..and today, the 3rd dose, when Izzah turns 1 month. So, the last one is when she is at 2 months of age.

The vitamin is given to baby orally using the oral syringe (3 syringes are given). We need to draw the solution up to the 2mg mark (any remaining solution in the ampoule must be discarded) and give it orally into baby's mouth.

If, before all the doses have been given, we stop breastfeeding or our baby is taking more bottle feeds than breast feeds, we do NOT need to continue with the Vitamin K as baby milk powder contains this vitamin.


UnGu VioLeT said...

akak, mar ada award special untuk akak.. dtg blog mar.. ambik yer.. slm cyg slalu dr mar..

hnyhar said...

tenkiu..nnt akak menyusul..

ummi said...

Salam nani,

Belum sempat nak jemguk, baby dah besa pun. Dok sibuk betul sejak lepas raya puasa sampai tak sedar dah nak raya haji ni.

Ingin nak gi rumah Nani tapi tak boleh lah nak janji. Insya Allah harap2 adalah masa nanti..

hnyhar said...

alhamdulillah, baby dah sebulan usianya..jap lg hbsla pantang ibu dia.

xpe..ada masa nnti jemputlah dtg. buat apalah agaknya dok sibuk sgt tuu..