Saturday, 21 June 2008

Wonderful Attractions in Durham

If you come to Durham there's a host of things to see and places to visit which would leave a strong memory.

Durham Cathedral is the greatest Norman building in England, perhaps even in Europe. It is cherished not only for its architecture but also for its incomparable setting. For this reason it was inscribed together with the Castle as one of Britain's first World Heritage Sites. In a nationwide BBC poll held in 2001 it was voted the nation's best-loved building. Like Hadrian's Wall and the Angel of the North, it is an icon of north-east England, its image is instantly recognisable to people who love this part of Britain.

A spectacular 18 acre garden lying on the outskirts of the City with plant collections from around the world. We went there during spring time. It was so amazing seeing variety of plants from various countries. The entrance fee for adult is GBP 3, students free of charge as well as children under age 4.

We never being there yet. But it is said that it's a great place for families with children's events throughout the year. Last month, the Durham City had organized a program in which we can meet our favourite fairytale characters there. What a miss!

We still do not visit this park. Perhaps, someday we'll organize a summer picnic..This green haven in the heart of the City is perfect for a family day out. We can also enjoy spectacular views of the Cathedral. I think my children will love the play area in the park.

Here, over 200 years of military history connects Durham and the Army and this fantastic museum is a must for enthusiasts. Hmmm..I think I do not have any keen to make a trip over there..heheh.

We went there but still do not have good time to explore inside the Castle. It is well preserved and steeped in history. Furthermore, it is located nearby the Durham Cathedral. So, if you come to visit the Cathedral, please do not forget to drop by the Castle..entrance fee is GBP 5 for adult.

This is a great way to see the City from a unique angle. You just need to pay GBP6 for adult and GBP3 for children.

Ok..welcome to Durham..see ya!

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